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Project Details:


Chiles Evans + Care Architects (CE+CA)

Horsefield House, situated in the suburbs of Sheffield, is a large semi-detached Victorian villa with a courtyard garden to the rear of the property.

The clients’ brief was for the kitchen space to be transformed into an open-plan, sociable living area for the entire family; in addition to this, a critical factor for both the client and Chiles Evans + Care Architects (CE+CA) was to ensure that the design plans for the kitchen were in keeping with the rest of the home.

Whilst the front of Horsefield House incorporates large and spacious vertical sash windows, typically found in many Victorian properties, the rear space failed to coincide with this light and airy atmosphere. Therefore it was important for the series of back rooms with limited use, to be transformed into a sequence of spaces that reflected this popular Victorian style, both in terms of lighting as well as scale and function.

To achieve this look, large sections of bespoke glazing were incorporated into the design plans. Glazing Vision’s bespoke Flushglaze rooflight was situated directly above the bar area; the glazed unit, with its minimalist design and compact, frameless finish, helped CE+CA to achieve the desired effect within the existing built conditions.

Glazing Vision’s bespoke rooflight, along with the surrounding sash windows, captures vast amounts of natural daylight whilst providing breathtaking views of the changing sky. The unit also enabled the architects to gain an extra metre of head height within the kitchen, providing an additional sense of open space.

Another crucial factor that once contributed to the rear property’s shadowed interior was the positioning of the house as north-facing. Due to its bespoke size, Glazing Vision’s modular unit is now able to capture vast amounts of south-facing natural light from the front of the property in order to penetrate the north-facing kitchen area.

A series of sculptural lanterns fitted to the side of the bespoke glazing also offers additional lighting when the sun sets, whilst providing a contemporary and artistic feature to the kitchen.

The alterations have meant that a social heart to the home has now been created; Chiles Evans + Care Architects have provided the client with a personal space directly connected to the outdoors, to be shared with the entire family where they can congregate and socialize in one space. As a result of CE+CA’s carefully considered architectural choices, Horsefield House has deservedly claimed the RIBA White Rose Award.

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