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Project Details:

Key to the daylight optimization strategy of this contemporary East Midlands property extension were Glazing Vision’s Fixed Rooflights Fixed Rooflights. The owners desired a sun-lit environment that maintained a connection to the night sky, without compromising security and privacy. The outcome is a beautifully constructed, sustainable family home with a blend of architectural styles.

The fusion of architectural styles is easier said than done. Nottinghamshire-based AM2 Architects, however, rose to such a challenge when they were given an unmistakably clear brief: “West Bridgeford at the front and Miami at the back”. Miami Modern (or MiMo) style architecture is itself a mixture of concepts, with a Subtropical Modernist approach being chosen here. Having a full view of the interior from front to back, as well as panoramic views of the yard were critical factors in creating a sense of openness. The addition of Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze Eaves Rooflight completes the look by flooding the living area with daylight, showcasing AM2’s skilful use of contrasting colours and materials.

The Eaves rooflight offers both clerestory and top lighting via two or more glazed sections joined together with a structural silicone seal and installed within the eaves of the property using Glazing Vision’s standard wall abutment detail. The added dimension of overhead light keeps the home well lit and temperate for as much of the day as possible.

Such a dramatic increase in sunlight does call for a number of protective measures. This particular piece is comprised of a 32.8mm silicone sealed double glazed unit with a heat-soak treated toughened outer pane and 14mm of argon. The laminated inner pane lowers emissivity, UV transmittance and noise pollution. Navigating the complexities of glass specification is no easy feat, however, Glazing Vision were able to offer guidance on this and related technical matters, helping to create a painless process for AM2 Architects throughout the project.

The frameless aesthetic of the Eaves roof light grants architects the freedom to explore ideas without compromising stylistic consistency. This versatile product can be as subtle or as forthright as you want it to be, but its principal value lies in the way it serves its surroundings. The Eaves rooflight unifies the rear facade by acting as a visual link between the two halves of the property. Indoors, the Flushglaze eaves gives an unhindered view of the surrounding landscape, as well as a much-needed connection to the sky for a family of avid stargazers. Astrophiles would similarly welcome the inclusion of a flat roof-mounted Flushglaze unit, installed within the master bedroom but with an integrated electric blackout blind for when required, creating that home observatory feel in the more private and secluded areas of the property.

This is Glazing Vision’s first collaboration with AM2 Architects after having first met at a Specification event in Nottingham, where they discussed multiple initial ideas and plans. Jonathan Metcalfe, director of AM2 Architects spoke highly of the “efficient and painless” installation process of both the Eaves rooflight and the flat Flushglaze rooflight, but more importantly, the inhabitants of this modern marvel were “delighted with the end result”.

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