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Project Details:


Andrew Mulroy Architects

Situated in a prestigious London location, this Edwardian terraced house incorporates a Glazing Vision fixed roof light to fulfill the need for natural lighting.

Expanding interior space to enhance the property’s location

Although the property’s location was desirable, with nearby transport links and a ten minute walk to impressive parkland, the interior space fell short of expectations. The clients were looking for ways to expand usable living space, which would not only enable the family to spend more quality time together but would also enhance the views of the scenic landscape beyond the garden.

To meet these objectives, Andrew Mulroy Architects Ltd focused on designing a large kitchen extension to the rear of the property that would help to accentuate this landscape and create an open, interior space for the family. This would create a focal point for the home where both children and adults can congregate and socialise.

Integration of fixed roof lights for natural lighting

The ground floor plan, which was originally segregated into three rooms, a small breakfast room, a smaller kitchen and a tight living room, were replaced with a large kitchen diner that extends outwards into the garden.

In order to create an extension that provided sufficient lighting as well as space, a large skylight was incorporated into the design plan.

Glazing Vision supplied their fixed Flushglaze rooflight for the requirement of natural lighting</a>; this large, single pane of toughened, triple-laminated glass was installed above the dining area.

The installation of Glazing Vision’s product enabled daylight to penetrate the heart of the extension that would have otherwise been relatively dark; the rooflight not only enables great views of the sky during the day but is also an admirable feature at night, with an open snug room positioned to the side of the skylight around a wood burning stove.

Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze skylight, together with the full width sliding glass doors onto the garden, help to maximize the amount of natural daylight that now floods the new living space.

The flawless finish of the fixed rooflight, with its minimal framework and large area of sheer glass, complements the white-washed décor of the extension perfectly. The combination of minimal colour and seamless glass has created a floor-to-ceiling merging of garden and sky.

Achievements from the project

Andrew Mulroy Architects carefully considered the owner’s requirements for light and space throughout the project and have created an extension that has created a special family environment for all occupants.

What is particularly impressive about this project is how the original period character has been carefully integrated with a more contemporary style of living; the building’s traditional charm blends with the minimalist features of the kitchen extension. This North London property carries with it an air of understated elegance.

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