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Project Details:


Clegg Special Projects Ltd


BioCity Nottingham is one of Europe’s largest bioscience incubators. Launched in 2003, the 129,000 sq ft award winning site currently hosts nearly 70 companies and over 525 employees.

The purpose of BioCity Nottingham is to provide a home for developing biotechnology and healthcare companies.


2 fixed GV Flushglaze rooflights were installed in the entrance to the Laurus Building in the Nottingham BioCity complex.

The natural light was able to flood the entrance reception providing a clear, light and warm welcome to visitors.

Products & Dimensions

2 No Fixed GV Flushglaze Rooflights 5650mm x 2234mm. Supplied in three sections of 1883mm x 2234mm. Vertical glass fins at joints.

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