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CE+CA Studio

Key Features:

‘Don't move, improve' mantra, helps to create family friendly extension:

A modern extension has transformed this traditional property into a free flowing, open planned family home.

A modern extension has transformed this traditional property into a free flowing, open planned family home. Filled with an abundance of natural daylight throughout the whole property, thanks to three Glazing Vision rooflights.

Approached by Channel 4 to work on this clients’ 1930’s semi detached house, set on the edge of Sheffield, CE+CA Studio were tasked with radically altering this traditional property and make space for their growing family.

CE+CA Studio felt it was important to make the building as energy efficient as possible, through the careful selection of materials, additional insulation and the use of daylight throughout the home – all helping to emphasise the additional 60% extra space within the home.

roof window installed in pitched roof, lights hang down by the cream walls and a potted plant on a white stall sits under the big roof window

Whenever there is a plan to create more space in a renovation, it is vital that the increased depth of the rooms never feel dark and that they promote plenty of natural daylight.

Howard Evans, Director of CE+CA Studio, was keen to include a number of rooflights and roof windows within the project, and having worked with Glazing Vision on multiple projects over nearly 20 years, he was quick to communicate with his local Technical Specification Manager, Michael Rogers, and specify two fixed rooflights and a roof window.

“We chose the Pitchglaze rooflight to sit over the stairwell.  This allowed us to go wall to wall with the rooflight, flooding the middle of the house with natural light throughout the day.” Howard Evans.

The effect of the 2000mm x 1000mm stock sized Pitchglaze roof window, is an abundance of natural daylight flowing through the centre of the house.

The frameless internal appearance allows sky only views, unique to this type of product, and important to ensuring that maximum light was transferred into to this family home.

Even in the early evening, when the sun cast shadows through the unique balustrading at the top of the house, it adds a dynamic and ever changing effect to the stairwell walls.

The 2000mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 900mm flat Flushglaze roof lights over the new extension and kitchen/diner area have accentuated the open new space and ensure the new areas in the home do not feel dark.

What’s really special about these is the impact of the meadow roof on the extension, is the plants can be seen peeping in through the rooflights, making great, playful shadows throughout the afternoon.

The sheer size of the Pitchglaze roof window made manoeuvring it through a very tight site a challenge, especially with the COVID restrictions but the installation of all products was straight forward and simple, which helped to speed up the installation process.

All 3 products were supplied with an easy clean coating, designed to keep the glass cleaner for longer, and a ‘low e’ coating which provides a superior thermal performance and ensures that heat loss is kept to a minimum. Especially important when factoring in the importance of making the building as energy efficient as possible.

Glazing Vision Private Residence Sheffield Ugly House To lovely House

It has been an impressive remodelling of a traditional 1930’s property into a modern and vibrant home – reflective of the change within the city over recent decades. Emphasising the benefit of natural daylight and open plan living, this remodelled property has attracted plenty of interest appearing on ‘Ugly House to Lovely House’ on Channel 4.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result of the project. The Glazing Vision rooflights really help to animate the spaces throughout the day.  The pitchglaze over the stairwell is a particular highlight and has delighted all who have seen it – especially the family who are now back in the house.” Howard Evans.

Photography: Dug Wilders Photography

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