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Project Details:

two rooflights installed on a high rooftop opposite Wembley Stadium

Glazing Vision teamed up with Matthew Allchurch Architects Ltd and Ernest Park to transform a 15 storey commercial and retail building to a 16 storey modern apartment building equipped with co-working spaces, leisure facilities and 355 stylish apartments through the use of bespoke rooflights.

The large-scale project required exceptional teamwork and communication, undertaking a conversion project at this scale during the global COVID-19 pandemic required additional considerations to ensure the health and safety of all site attendees.

The bespoke Sliding Over Roof rooflight was installed by our sister company, Glazing Renovations, who undertook an extensive risk assessment to highlight the risks presented, and how to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

The on-site team were required to keep a 2 metre distance from each other whilst wearing medical masks and required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and wash their hands every 20 minutes.

inside shot of a multipart rooflight in a dark room

The bespoke rooflights for Stadium Way combined elements of the Glazing Vision Sliding Over Roof and Multipart Flushglaze rooflights to create bespoke Sliding Over Roof rooflights with three sections.

The sliding rooflights are situated on the top floor of the building, which is home to a tasteful café and an exclusive, resident-only lounge. For this reason, comfort of residents was of utmost importance which is why the bespoke rooflights utilised toughened solar control glass.

The use of solar control glass allowed natural daylight to flood the welcoming space whilst maintaining a consistent temperature for the inhabitants.

vibrant cafe with full grown trees, a fountain and an open rooflight

The rooflights are located above the top-floor Dariana café, providing an elegant space for people to drink and dine under the sky, which is especially charming at night, allowing people to dine under the stars.

The rooflight adds the finishing touch to the stylish cafe, which is filled with fully grown trees and a fountain.

two rooflights installed on a high rooftop opposite Wembley Stadium

The sliding rooflights adorn numerous optional extras to ensure ease of use and comfort for inhabitants of the café and lounge area.

The bespoke rooflights are fitted with rain sensors which will protect the inside diners from the outside elements. The rain sensor will detect any spot of rain and automatically begin closing as a response.

In addition to the rain sensor, Glazing Vision also fitted a temperature sensor which will constantly monitor the inside temperature of the building and open or close the rooflight accordingly, providing diners in the space with a consistent, ambient temperature.

Finally, the remote control supplied by Glazing Vision allows the Sliding Over Roof rooflight to be opened and closed by staff with the touch of a button, allowing them to continue working and not spend time manually opening a rooflight.

rooflight installed on a high rooftop in London with a blue sky and some clouds

The Stadium Way project showcased the pinnacle of teamwork, we were proud to achieve these stunning results in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and the project drew to a successful close in 2022, providing people with a stylish place to live, work and relax.

Glazing Vision works collaboratively with architects, contractors and builders all over the world to turn your idea into a reality, get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss our rooflight and roof window offerings. 

Photography: Ernest Park

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