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Project Details:


Kath Gal (Gal.com)


A rooflight was required for terraced access to the property. The main constraint was to fall within the surrounding parapet so the rooflight was not seen from below.


Glazing Vision supplied a GV Box Rooflight which is ideal for terraced access as it offers a physical structure allowing the stair bannister to run to the top of the staircase. The GV Box rooflight also incorporates our minimal framework philosophy.

Glazing Vision use the latest technology to bond the glass into the aluminium powder coated frame, and silicone seal and join the glass at the edges and eaves join.

The rooflight also includes a proximity detection sensor so that if the infra red beam is broken the rooflight will automatically stop closing.

Products & Dimensions

1No GV Box Rooflight – 3025mm x 1435mm x 950mm

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