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Sophie Skipp, Employer Engagement Coordinator at University Technical College Norfolk (UTCN), links young people following a STEM focussed education with inspiring businesses and individuals who can enhance their education experience which is achieved through speakers, projects and work experience.
“I think that high school is when girls might begin to doubt a career in construction as we are constantly told that the construction industry is a man’s world. Young girls may also be worried about what their parents might say if they show an interest in construction/ enginerring, as these generations are so used to seeing the construction industry as predominantly male.
I want the girls I teach, and girls around the world, to know that construction companies are eager to see their skills, hear their thoughts, and I’d love them to pave the way for girls in the future. UTCN is mostly male, but our female students have a huge passion and are hungry to take their next steps within the engineering world. Diversity and equality is extremely important, and we must try harder to encourage women to think of a career in construction or engineering.”


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