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As part of Women In Construction Week, we spoke with Kathryn Donald, General Manager at Pegasus Profiles, for her thoughts on being a woman in construction.
Kathryn worked at Glazing Vision when she first moved to Norfolk in 2006, where she worked in the design office for sliding rooflights before moving into project management. Kathryn has also had roles in estimating and for production planning, holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, and currently works as a General Manager for a company processing steel for a variety of industries, including construction.
“The ability to have flexible working in order to manage family life is certainly one of the most important factors for me and can be difficult to find.

I’m happy to say most of my experiences within the industry have been positive. There are a few exceptions; however, you often have to stand your ground stronger than a male counterpart and sometimes have to work twice as hard to get to the same position. I recall going to site once and having to clamber over the cleaning product and toilet roll to even get to the ladies! Hi-Viz jackets are only seemingly made in large sizes, so I always look drowned in one when I have it on! I have also had passing comments about staying at home, but I think the world is slowly starting to change. I hope so anyway.”

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