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The Pitchridge is a UKCA and CE marked fixed roof window designed to be installed over the apex of your roof increasing daylight and sky only views on either side, providing you with even more daylight than a standard roof window.

The product can be supplied in either portrait or landscape formats, and is designed to be installed in-plane on pitched roof applications, offering a modern and sleek look, and avoiding the need for a builder to construct an upstand around the opening.

Our new Pitchridge Roof Window is robust and long-lasting, provides excellent thermal performance and air tightness, and has a variety of optional extras such as special colour and Enduroshield easy clean coating.

The product is sealed to the roof using butyl and silicone and fixed in place with structural fixings which are concealed with internal finishes leaving a sleek external finish. The aluminium frame of the product employs a dual hardness EPDM insulating gasket to thermally isolate the frame from the interior of the building, and the structural integrity is assured through the use of finite element analysis (FEA) and testing.

U-values are calculated for each product and will be supplied as part of your quote, with a wide variety of glazing specifications available. Your local Technical Specification Manager will be happy to answer any questions, contact us today or download the Pitchridge CAD drawings.

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