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The Qualicoat Seaside Certificate

Its increasingly important to understand what qualifications matter when deciding on a rooflight or roof window. This is why Glazing Vision shout about their accreditations and certificates, like Secured By Design, Qualicoat, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, LPCB, and more! The better tested a product is the higher the quality of it, making it more durable, safe, and functional.

Glazing Vision decided to expand on these stand out qualifications more by testing to the Qualicoat Seaside standard and they have been awarded their certificate. But, what is the Qualicoat Seaside Certification?

The Qualicoat Seaside Certification is a prestigious standard that ensures the powder coating applied to architectural elements, such as rooflights, meets the requirements for withstanding the corrosive effects of a marine environment. It is essentially a mark of excellence in powder coating, signifying the highest level of durability and protection against the elements. Achieving this certification allows manufacturers to offer a new warranty, assuring customers of the coating’s performance in challenging conditions!

So, why is the Qualicoat Seaside Certification important for rooflights?

  1. Shorter lead time on rooflights.

While many rooflight suppliers offer Seaside or marine specification powder coating, what sets Glazing Vision apart is our ability to provide this service in-house. Qualicoat Seaside Certification allows Glazing Vision to offer this high-quality coating on products that have been painted right here in our own state-of-the-art paint plant. This distinction is key because it directly impacts lead times.

The certification streamlines our production process, particularly on certain products like those that require welding or special colours. For these products, we start with mill finish material and then apply the coating in-house, which significantly reduces lead times. In contrast, other suppliers might need to send their profiles to external suppliers for the same process, resulting in delays.

  1. Expanded colour options.

In addition to standard colour options, Qualicoat Seaside Certification allows manufacturers to offer a wider range of colours for rooflights. This customisation empowers customers to choose a colour that perfectly complements their architectural vision.

  1. Better protection for your rooflights.

Harsh weather conditions can cause materials to wither, but with the added layers of Qualicoat, this corrosion can be prevented and maintained to a high standard!

To ensure our rooflights met the stringent requirements for Qualicoat Seaside Certification, we elevated our pre-treatment process to a higher standard. The pre-treatment process is a crucial step in powder coating, as it prepares the surface to receive the coating effectively. By enhancing this process, we not only improved the overall quality of our rooflights but also bolstered their ability to withstand harsh coastal environments.

Testing for achieving Qualicoat Seaside Certification involves rigorous testing to assess the coating’s ability to withstand the harsh marine environment. In March of this year, we requested Qualicoat to assess our rooflights to the higher Seaside Standard during Glazing Vision’s routine 6 monthly audit. This lead to Glazing Vision providing samples for both:

– The Acetic Salt Spray Test

This test subjects the coated samples to a saline mist containing acid. The purpose is to simulate the corrosive effects of saltwater and acid rain that coastal installations often endure.

– The Filliform Corrosion Test

This test evaluates the coating’s resistance to corrosion, especially in conditions where moisture and salt are prevalent. It provides valuable data on the coating’s durability over time.

Qualicoat Seaside Certification is more than just a mark of quality; it’s a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional rooflights that stand the test of time, even in the harshest conditions. With this certification, we offer shorter lead times, a broader spectrum of colour choices, and the confidence that our products will remain beautiful and functional for years to come, making them the perfect choice for coastal architectural projects!

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