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Quality is at the heart of Glazing Vision’s operations, therefore we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard and have the accreditations to prove this. 

Glazing Vision places quality and customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does, which is why we have been awarded many certifications such as Secured by Design, ISO 9001, Qualicoat, LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) 

All of our rooflight ranges have been extensively tested for factors such as water penetration, air infiltration, and structural integrity to ensure that they operate to the highest possible standard for as long as possible.

Glazing Vision recently gained ICC (International Code Council) accreditation for the Fixed Flushglaze rooflight range. 

What is ICC accreditation? 

ICC accreditation involves the organistaion producing an evaluation report (Read the Glazing Vision evaluation report, ESR-0566) which highlights compliance with specific codes.

Glazing Vision has proven to comply with the 2021 International Building Code and 2021 International Residential Code.

The accreditation also covers the 2023 City of Los Angeles Building Code & 2023 City of Los Angeles Residential Code.

The ICC evaluation report assesses multiple rooflight properties such as structural integrity, air infiltration and water penetration resistance.

The Flushglaze rooflight samples were mounted on a rigid test rig which is designed to simulate the on-site conditions of the projects we work on. 

Why choose Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights 

Our rooflights, including our Fixed Flushglaze range, aim to provide ‘light, air and space’.

Our Flushglaze rooflights provide seamless views to the outside due to the framework being external rather than internal, so you have uninterrupted views of nature.

The Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights encompass our ethos of “Maximise daylight, minimise framework”

Glazing Vision was the first UK establishment to introduce and develop simple and clean rooflights for flat roofs, our rooflight expertise is second to none, we can offer bespoke Flushglaze rooflights that meet your project needs, whatever they may be.

The Glazing Vision difference

Glazing Vision is regularly subject to both stringent internal audits and independent external audits to ensure that we are always operating at the highest possible standard.

Other accreditations that Glazing Vision has been awarded include Secured by Design, BBA, BSI ISO9001 & ISO14001, and more.

“Excellence is expected without compromise from start to finish when we manufacture a product so we can delight our customers.” – Michelle Rolph, QSHE Manager at Glazing Vision


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