Introducing our New Box Rooflight Range

It’s more than just a rooflight, it’s an architectural sculpture in glass and metal; and the key to achieving a view you never thought possible.

When it comes to rooflights we make thinking outside the box a habit. This ethos has never been more clearly demonstrated than with our flagship range of terrace access rooflights, designed to unlock rooftop space and transform the dynamics of your building.

So whats new?

We’ve improved thermal efficiency by using finite element analysis to develop a completely thermally broken framework and now for the first time our box rooflights can be supplied with high performance low emissivity triple glazing as a standard option.

The beating heart of these products, the motor and drive system has been completely redeveloped with power now being transferred to the front and rear of the unit simultaneously to ensure a smooth glide when opening and closing.

We’ve made it prettier too by perfecting glass to glass interfaces and minimising visible framework, the fit and finish is almost jewel like.

15 years of continuous improvement and refinement has resulted in a rooflight system that represents a fusion of technologies and engineering excellence.

To learn more about our box rooflights watch our video renders or download our product packs from the links below.