NEW – Guide to specifying non-fragile glass in rooflights

This RIBA approved CPD will cover the different classifications of glass, and the tests involved for non-fragility as defined in the Advisory Committee for Roof Safety’s (ACR) Red Book (ACR[M]001), which references test guidelines for glass rooflights by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology). The CPD seminar covers the following aspects:

  • Health and Safety statistics
  • Guidance of the relevant glass classifications as defined by the CWCT
  • What standards within the CWCT guidelines apply to rooflight specification
  • The different tests involved in the classification tests
  • Considerations on fire performance and the requirements of Building Regulations
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Using Rooflights to Unlock Light, Air and Space

This RIBA approved CPD seminar is designed to give you a thorough understanding of how to use rooflight technology to improve and maximise light, air and space within the buildings you design. You will be able to understand how natural daylight affects us, how natural ventilation can be achieved and also how to maximise usable space within building fabric. The CPD seminar covers the following aspects:

  • Understanding the importance of light, air and space in the built environment and how it can be harnessed with rooflights
  • Guidance for rooflight classifications and standards
  • Importance of correct glass specification and loadings, how to establish correct specification
  • Awareness of control and safety systems in rooflights
  • Considerations on site, correct preparation and logistics
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Approved Document Q: Security In Dwellings

This RIBA approved CPD seminar is designed to give you an understanding of how the specification of rooflights has been affected by recent changes to the Building Regulations with the introduction of Approved Document Q: Security In Dwellings. The CPD seminar covers the following aspects:

  • What is an Approved Document?
  • What is Approved Document Q?
  • Factors that will affect the specification of rooflights
  • Accepted test standards and which are most applicable to rooflights
  • Typical glass specifications
  • Video footage of typical set of attack tests on glass rooflights
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Approved Document K and Access Rooflights

This RIBA approved CPD seminar is designed to give you an understanding of how the Building Regulations and Approved Document K: Protection from falling, collision and impact, affects the specification of access rooflights. The CPD seminar covers the following aspects:

  • Building Regulations Approved Document K
  • Requirements for intended use
  • Product types
  • Roof detail and integration into building fabric
  • Glass
  • Safety and security
  • Logistics
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Jeremy Dunn is Glazing Vision’s Technical Director and personally oversees all of our CPD content.

Jeremy trained as a Mechanical Engineer and has 30 years experience in architectural glazing, 26 years specifically with glass rooflights. He currently holds the post of Chairman of the Technical Sub-committee for glass rooflights within the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers (NARM). UK Representative at Eurolux, the European trade association for Rooflight Manufacturers. BSI Committee Member representing NARM on B/538/01 Windows and doors and B/542/08 Light transmitting plastics sheeting for roofing and cladding and UK/BSI representative on European Working Group CEN TC128/SC9/WG2