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Project Details:

Glazing Vision have worked on a number of projects with Architects, ARCHEA, who are Victorian house experts specialising in adapting period houses into modern homes. These homes regularly demand an uplift in natural daylight, and Glazing Vision have formed a great relationship with ARCHEA to help transform many of their projects into well-lit, healthy, and happy environments for a number of families.

These particular homes are all located within 10 minutes of each other in Hackney, London, with all clients looking to transform their period property into a contemporary home. Each project involved an extension and required a significant increase in natural daylight to help better the health and wellbeing of the families residing in each home which is where Glazing Vision stepped in.

“When adding a ground floor extension, we often need to include rooflights to add light and views both to the new spaces and existing rooms in the home. Whilst fully glazed roofs can be used, this approach typically incurs more cost and extended lead-times due to the glazing being bespoke and needing to be made to order. By using large format, off-the-shelf rooflights we can incorporate extensive areas of glazing, but at a much lower cost and faster turnaround. We then use these in combination with traditional roof construction techniques, which are simple to construct and maintain.” – Richard Skinner, ARCHEA.

ARCHEA regularly specify Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight, a minimalist product with ‘frameless’ internal views designed to allow as much natural daylight into a room as possible. When working with pitched roofs, ARCHEA often opt for the Glazing Vision Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window which is designed to be installed in pitched tiled roof applications flush with the tiling line, providing you with a vast amount of natural daylight.

“We initially chose Glazing Vision because of their wide range of high-quality rooflights, and since working with them on a number of projects we value the help of their Technical Sales Team who are always on hand for technical support. We typically use the Flushglaze Fixed units as the extensions we work with usually involve a flat roof for practical and planning reasons and the Flushglaze offers the largest and best value standard glazing solution on the market. The standard aspect is vital for us as we are often looking for short lead times, and so this element adds so much value. When working with pitched roofs we instead use the Pitchglaze Fixed Roof Window which fit flush within the roof offering a sleek finish.” – Richard Skinner, ARCHEA.

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Photography: Mai-ling Leung of ARCHEA

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