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Project Details:


Glenn Howells Architects


The Glenn Howells design for the Savill Building provided an undulating leaf-shaped roof or ‘gridshell’. Combining the best in contemporary engineering with traditional craft skills, the roof is constructed from larch and clad with green oak from The Crown Estate’s own sustainable Windsor Estate sources.

Glazing Vision’s task was to design and install rooflights which would blend with the overall natural design and provide a functional yet sympathetic product and approach.


The solution was to install a combination of our most popular product, the fixed flushglaze rooflight, vent only VisionVents and our unique sliding rooflights to enable light, ventilation and a smooth, clean line within the building’s nature inspired design. The result enabled light to flood into the natural space and complemented well the overall aesthetics of the original design.

Products & Dimensions

2 No. Sliding Over Fixed Rooflights 2815mm x 2760mm (span)
1 No. Multi-part Flushglaze fixed rooflight 5325mm x 2750mm
4 No. VisionVent (vent only) 1890mm x 955mm Brief

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