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Project Details:

At Glazing Vision, we take pride in our role as catalysts for architectural transformation. Our rooflights played a pivotal role in rejuvenating a garden flat, infusing it with the brilliance of natural light.

This project involved the addition of a new bedroom and bathroom in the space previously occupied by a light well, along with the expansion of the kitchen through a dining room extension at the rear. The overarching objective was to maximise natural light and cultivate a profound sense of spaciousness within the garden flat. Given the inherent darkness of the space, a paramount focus was placed on elevating the rooms and fostering an ambiance of brightness and openness, achieved through a careful selection of windows and a thoughtful choice of room colours.

Despite the presence of French doors, the desire was to provide clients with the flexibility of enhancing air circulation and the option to open the rooflight when necessary. The room’s high ceilings made the VisionVent an excellent fit for this purpose. In the case of the new bedroom, the VisionVent emerged as the ideal choice, primarily for its capacity to facilitate natural airflow. The installation of this rooflight not only significantly brightened the room, but also allowed for effective ventilation.

In another key decision, the Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight was used to address a substantial roof space within the dining area of the apartment. This selection proved to be instrumental in flooding the room with an abundance of natural light, enriching the dining experience and enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Accessing the garden flat posed a challenge due to its unique layout. The most difficult task was manoeuvring the glass components required for the installation of the Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight. Navigating these substantial glass panels through the challenging access points presented a considerable obstacle.

However, our dedicated team proved to be adept problem solvers. With their expertise and precision, they skilfully overcame the intricate access hurdles, successfully delivering and installing the Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight and the Vision Vent Rooflight without encountering any setbacks. Their commitment to ensuring a seamless installation underscored their brilliance in managing this complex aspect of the project.


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Interior Design: Sophie Mackay-Lewis at SVML London

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