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Project Details:

Key Features:

Sliding rooflight provides circulation throughout:

A large sliding rooflight and fixed flat rooflight from Glazing Vision allows natural daylight to flood the central circulation space within this new build house.

close up photo of wooden stairs leading to a sliding rooflight, blue sky can be seen through the glass

Situated in the bustling tourist resort of Poole, in the east of Dorset, the owners of this 1960’s property were looking to modernise their home and take advantage of fantastic views towards Poole Harbour. Poole is Europe’s largest natural harbour and a stunning location, which was paramount for the clients in their newly designed home. The ability to provide envious views from their home and create a haven where they could enjoy not only the luxury of location but also the fresh sea air.

RB Studio Architects were appointed, and after careful consideration it was decided that the most cost-effective way for the occupants to realise their dream would be to knock down their outdated property and start again. Replacing this 1960’s style home, RB Studio designed a modern two-storey house that provided an upside-down living arrangement, with the bedrooms on the ground floor and the main living accommodation on the first floor. Helping to take advantage of the views that were on offer from the first floor.

Looking to deliver a ‘wow factor’ within this new contemporary home, and key to this new build house was a main staircase central to the home which lead up to a large bespoke Sliding Over Fixed rooflight from Glazing Vision.

Not only does this innovative sliding roof light provide an abundance of natural daylight throughout the property, creating an airy, open-planned feel, it has opened a means of access to the roof terrace, allowing the owners to enjoy spectacular views of the Poole Harbour and beyond.

close up photo of stairs leading to a roof terrace through a sliding rooflight, blue clear skies can be seen through the glass

Engineered by Glazing Vision, the 3400mm x 2394mm Sliding Over Fixed rooflight, with a 32.8 mm double glazed unit, comprising of 8mm clear heat soak tested Toughened outer pane, 16mm Argon filled warm edge spacer cavity. 8.8mm Laminate Low E Inner Pane. This roof light combines a sliding pane of glass that retracts over a fixed one. This combination is designed to allow as much natural daylight into your room as possible, whilst maintaining a retractable element which can be used to improve natural ventilation and connection to the outdoors.

Having worked with Glazing Vision before, RB Studio were confident of the quality of the rooflights on offer. In fact, Paul Robinson, Director of RB Studio, mentions that “the only challenge faced with the rooflights was the initial selection of ensuring they were the correct product for the design”.

The final result has created a breath-taking new build home which has delivered exactly what the homeowners were looking for and offers unrivalled views towards the harbour and beyond.

Please note: Flat sliding rooflights can only be used for access if suitable balustrades are installed, Glazing Vision strongly recommends seeking guidance from building control before commencing works on site.

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