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Project Details:


CZWG Architects LLP (Craven Property)


Located on a small corner site north of Islington Green, the brief was to maximise development potential in the provision of lucrative apartments and restaurant space, whilst providing space enough for a working theatre, its foyers and ancillary spaces. In addition, the proposed auditorium itself was to be the salvaged set from Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love.


The solution was to sink the entire three storey Globe-style theatre underground, and use the roof as a public ‘piazza’, itself covered with a glass canopy for all-weather use by surrounding restaurants. Above this was an amphitheatre of 72 apartments. Architecturally, the post and beam structure of the Shakespearean theatre proved a useful reference for a modern interpretation in glass and concrete, which could nevertheless invoke the more poetic image of a forest glade. Client: Collins Theatre Trust

Glazing Vision Ltd designed a bespoke 3.2m diameter circular opening and rotating rooflight allowing light and ventilation to flood the space and enhance the traditional authentic design.

This was a particularly difficult design to undertake due to sizing and mechanical technicalities; however the in-house bespoke design team at Glazing Vision Ltd rose to the challenge and produced a product which met the strict criteria outlined in the specification. The resulting product was both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Products & Dimensions

1 No. Central pivoting Rotating Circular Rooflight, Diameter 3125mm. The Rooflight will pivot on a central axis to 90 degrees. The unit is split into two halves with a pivot and axis detail through the centre.

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