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Project Details:


Bradshaw Gass & Hope LLP


The Youth Intervention Centre is an open door facility where young people between the ages of 19 to 25 can come for advice and help. The Centre provides administrative accommodation for the staff as well as social spaces and one to one counseling areas. The designs success was due to a collaborative effort from all team members and the Clients desire to create a building that expressed the particular issues they deal with daily in the local community. With awards for ‘Best Commercial Building’ and the ultimate prize of ‘Building of the Year’ Glazing Vision (GV) provided expert design, manufacture and installation services to City Build after in-depth contractual negotiations and protracted technical feasibility meetings.


This project provided a serious challenge to the GV team because of the overall architectural design of the building, templates were made after numerous site surveys and it was decided that the best possible product was an eaves rooflight variation on GV’s trademarked Flushglaze system.

Products & Dimensions

1 No. Bespoke Eaves Flushglaze Rooflight:

Horizontal Section of 16970mm x 800mm, split into 5 sections of 3394mm x 800mm with aluminium back to back angles at the joins, wall abutted on both 16970mm dimensions

Vertical Section of 5875mm x 1730mm (max) tapering to 800mm adjoining horizontal section. Split into 3 sections with aluminium back to back angle at the joins.

David Hamer, Partner at Bradshaw Gass & Hope said “the collaboration and cooperation between all parties involved with the project contributed to the buildings’ success”.

All images courtesy of Beccy Lane Positive Image Photography

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