Key specification considerations for box rooflight performance

Glass rooflights provide a fantastic solution for both creating light and space within a building envelope, and converting used space into an extended living area. Due to box rooflights providing access as well as sliding mechanisms, there are a range of factors to consider when specifying for this type of product. 1. Specifying the correct… Read more

Performance of the building envelope – design versus actual performance

For some time, the government has shown concern regarding the gap between theoretical and actual performance within building projects. This potential gap occurs as a result of the following: Builders buying cheaper products than what the architects specify Inaccuracy of data relating to performance Inaccuracy with joints in the building envelope; poor insulation Errors in… Read more

Do glass roof lights require CE marking?

This topic seems to be something that many professionals within our industry argue about and contest. We often get asked by our customers if our rooflights are CE marked, and an hour searching the web will find different rooflight manufacturers making different claims. The simple answer to the above question is ‘no’; at this present… Read more

Why use a NARM rooflight manufacturer?

There are many reasons to specify and buy rooflights from manufacturers who are NARM members; the main reason is peace-of-mind. But what is NARM? And why is NARM important for the end client in the specification and purchase of rooflights? What is NARM? The National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers is an association for rooflight design… Read more