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If you’re trying to decide on the right rooflights for a project, be sure to take some time to consider the benefits of specifying frameless rooflights. After all, your choice of rooflight will have a big impact on the overall appearance of the property – both inside and out – as well as the amount of natural light that’s able to fill the space.

Frameless rooflights (and roof windows) are designed to allow the maximum amount of light into a space. They feature minimal fixings and frames, so all you see when you look up is a clear expanse of glass.

What are the benefits of specifying a frameless rooflight?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a frameless rooflight – from aesthetics to saving energy. These include:

Uninterrupted views

A frameless design means that when a building occupant looks through the rooflight, all they see is the beautiful sky above. There’s no frame to block any part of the view, ensuring a much more open and airy feel.

Boost natural light

Daylight is believed to provide a number of benefits to the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Plus, it’s a cost- and carbon-free alternative to electric lights. Opting for a frameless rooflight will ensure the maximum amount of sunlight can shine into the room. You can even install several units adjacent to one another, creating a glazed ceiling that vastly increases the natural light.

Architecturally attractive

A bulky frame can stand out and be a bit of an eye-sore that negatively affects both the interior design and the exterior appearance of the building. With a frameless rooflight, however, you can enjoy a much more streamlined appearance and, as mentioned above, several can be installed together, which can create a striking architectural feature.

Easy installation

Frameless rooflights are often much easier to install and don’t need complicated flashing kits that require partial disassembly of the unit prior to install. This means that less tools are needed to complete the installation, it’s quicker and less likely to leak.

Is a frameless rooflight right for my project?

Glazing Vision’s frameless rooflights have been successfully installed in hundreds of projects in the UK, Europe and the United States, ranging from a Passivhaus in West London, through to commercial applications, public buildings and educational settings such as the Ashton 6th Form College in Lancashire.

Our product collection includes items suitable for both pitched and flat roofs, and they can be used for providing natural light and ventilation, as well as access. They’re available with double- or triple-glazing, as well as heated or switchable glass. And, with the right specification, frameless rooflights can also be safe for walking across.

    • Flushglaze rooflights have a frameless appearance on the inside and a minimalist look on the outside – there are no bulky capping systems to trap dirt or spoil the view. The maximum aperture size is variable, depending on the rest of the specification.
    • Pitchglaze roof windows can be used for roofs with pitches between 15° and 60°, and with apertures measuring up to 3 metres squared.
    • Pitchvent is our latest range of roof windows is a ventilation roof window for pitched roofs. These roof windows are available as either manually operated unit or chain-actuated systems, where the mechanism is hidden within the framework. This means that minimal internal framing is visible, but this is colour matched to the interior finish and designed to be fitted flush, providing a ‘frameless’ appearance.

To find out more about our range of frameless rooflights, please download our product data sheets – or get in touch with a member of our technical team to discuss your project in more detail.