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Adding glazing to a roof can provide a variety of benefits for a building and its occupants, such as increasing the amount of natural light and providing natural ventilation.

However, if you want to make the most of these products, you need to make sure you specify the right one. Here at Glazing Vision, we offer a broad range of roof glazing products, including Flushglaze rooflights and Pitchglaze roof windows – so which one should you choose?

Flushglaze and Pitchglaze

Although there’s a lot to think about when it comes to specifying roof glazing – such as the size, type of glass and opening mechanism – the choice between Flushglaze and Pitchglaze really comes down to one thing: whether the roof is flat or pitched.

Flat roofs

Flushglaze were originally designed for flat roofs. These out-of-plane rooflights should be installed on an upstand to prevent water ingress. When installed, they have a slight pitch to prevent water ponding, and they can be designed so they are safe for walking on.

While Flushglaze can be used on pitched roofs and achieve a satisfactory result, due to its origins as a flat roof solution designed for installation onto an upstand, it does not sit completely flush with the tiling line. If this is a requirement for aesthetics or for planning then there may be other products more suited to this application.

Depending on your project, other options to consider for flat roofs include box rooflights and access rooflights, and Glazing Vision can provide bespoke products to suit specific requirements.

Pitched roofs

If you’re looking for a roof window for a cold or hybrid pitched roof, then Pitchglaze is the preferred product.

These are in-plane roof windows (sometimes referred to as the generic term, “velux windows”) that are designed for use on tiled roofs with a pitch between 15° and 60°.

They are flashed in flush with the tiling line, giving a seamless – and frameless – appearance. This means you can maintain the roof’s original profile, the windows are fully weatherproofed and they require minimal maintenance.

To find out more about our in-plane roof windows for pitched roofs, view our new Pitchglaze range.

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