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The freestanding or three wall boxlight provides a physical structure for easy access and means there’s no need for any balustrades. If the local planning restrictions are strict, and if space is at a premium and box units are not an option, why not go for a hinged opener in the form of our Skydoor product? Walk-on glass that allows sunlight to flood the room below is designed for UK domestic floor loads and can be used for any fixed areas to create stretches of glass roof. And if you’re looking for something more unusual, you might be surprised at just what our bespoke design team can come up with.

When creating a roof terrace, there’s a lot to think about to ensure the space is safe, easy to access and meets the requirements of the homeowner (our simple blog post should help with this). Importantly, be sure to consider the integrity of the building. A lot of roof terraces we’ve seen feature decking or even slab-work for surfacing. This could have ramifications for the weather-proofing of a skylight.

Again, experience counts and we can supply and install additional weatherproofing with an EPDM membrane to protect the unit against water damage or ingress for the lifetime of the skylight.

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