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By installing flat roof windows, rooflights or skylights on to your flat roof, you can make dramatic improvements, whether that’s increasing the amount of natural daylight inside, improving the ventilation within your kitchen or bathroom or why not go one step further, and make use of the valuable flat roof space by installing a roof terrace, using one of our access rooflights.

Flat roof skylights are where we first made our name. One of the most important considerations for any rooflight being fitted to a flat roof is its elevation from the roof. Planning regulations can leave you little room for manoeuvre, which is just one of the reasons Glazing Vision products prove popular among home owners and architects alike. We’ve carefully designed minimum visual impact, low profile rooflights that keep local planning authorities and your neighbours happy.


Our entire range of rooflights are designed to fit on an upstand on only 150mm high, which ensures your building remains watertight but also maintains a non-obtrusive profile.

Rainwater ponding on flat roof applications can often cause concern, but because of our flush fit glazing our rooflights can achieve effective rainwater run-off with just a 3° pitch.

Take a look at our standard range of fixed rooflights and sliding rooflights to find out more.