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Our Company ethos is to help people to embrace light, air and space.  It defines everything we do.  Glass Rooflights have come along way since we first launched the Flushglaze in 2002.  Building regulations and standards have driven change in the UK.  Resulting in more daylight requirements and more glass rooflights installed correctly to meet safety standards and security.  The benefits of natural daylight are well researched and we all know how much better we feel when we are subjected to more natural daylight and our bodies absorbing more vitamin D.

When you buy from Glazing Vision you are buying over 70 years of glass rooflight expertise from our board alone.

“We are only as good as our people and we train and keep the best employees at Glazing Vision” – Jon Shooter (Group Managing Director)


Rooflights for terrace access

Having outdoor living space is an important consideration for modern homes. With space often at a premium, especially in urban locations, an accessible roof terrace will allow you to make the most of an otherwise unused area.  We have installed standard and bespoke roof deck glass rooflights all over the World.  A 3 wall box rooflight in Perth, Australia.  4 No. Skydoor Rooflights on a project in Hong Kong.  Throughout Europe our Skydoors and Skyboxes are the choice of architects looking for escapism onto a Roof Terrace.  Since creating Glazing Vision Inc in 2017 we have Roof Deck solutions right across America.  If you want to see them for yourselves then visit our case study page, unfortunately sometimes we have to sign Non disclosures so we cant show you everything. 

All Manufactured in Diss, Norfolk and sent around the world 

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All of our rooflights have been extensively tested

rigorously tested

We created a market, then perfected it, being the first glass rooflight manufacturer to be certificated by the British Board of Agrement with our Fixed Glass Flushglaze range for flat roofs.  We were also the first to boast that all our glass rooflights to attack test its products to security standard LPS2081, our products are compliant with part Q of the Building Regulations.  We have also extensively tested our range to fulfil client requirements for security, air permeability and strength.  Whether a drive over glass floor system, installed in Belgium, a bespoke sliding over fixed rooflight to meet harsh conditions in Aspen, Colarado or impact testing for a high end residential security conscious client in Lennox Gardens, London we meet the requirements requested to satisfy your requirements.  Glazing Vision is used when clients want rooflights without compromise.

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